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  1. Making magic in the PM/AM 
#Beats #Music #Life #EiTR

    Making magic in the PM/AM
    #Beats #Music #Life #EiTR

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  2. Jamming “Even On E” by my #EiTR brother @aeliprod
    #TheVoid dropping 8/25!!!

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  3. Have fun partying and whatnot, I’m just here dream chasing. #3rdOfTheNight #Whispers #OujaMarek #EiTR #GoodToBeOff #ImOutOfHashtags @eitrofficial

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  4. "0N3"

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  5. Cover art for my #EiTR brother @whotfisjhurt upcoming project #Regression

    Cover art for my #EiTR brother @whotfisjhurt upcoming project #Regression

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  6. Cover art for @aeliprod “The Void”
#EiTR #FutureClassic

    Cover art for @aeliprod “The Void”
    #EiTR #FutureClassic

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  7. For my night owls, a little taste of the little taste of #TheEscapeFromHuecoMundo. “The Pensieve”

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  8. Haven’t been sleep since I woke up Saturday morning….#Colours is bangin tho. #OujaMarek #EiTR #One21Ten #Beats #NoSleep 🎶🙉🎶

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  9. whotfisjhurt:

    Support new music from my EiTR Music Collective… AELi - Thinking Too Much, MUSIC VIDEO REBLOG.REBLOG.REBLOG.

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  10. The “Crouching Lion” Track I put out this past Monday has been receiving a lot of love. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here. Thank You #EiTR!!

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  11. fvckelitemusic:

    My favourite beat from J.Hurt’s Clarity mixtape. Lovely ,dreamy Willy Wonka sample on the intro and nicely chopped up on the chorus. J.Hurt x Ouja Marek = Dope Chemistry

    Check out J.Hurt’s -The Clarity

    Ouja Marek | Change The World (Cookie’s Interlude)

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  12. AEli - ‘All For You’ (Prod. by Dailon)


    It’s no doubt that the EiTR (Elephant in The Room) collective are on their hard-working grind and are pushing out great quality music with content worthy of listening to repetitively. As they maintain their top-notch quality in their projects, AEli brings out a fresh new soulfully smooth song entitled ‘All For You’, produced by the brilliant Dailon.

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